Our Story

From the outside, we may look like just another buy here, pay here car lot on the corner, but our history tells a different story! While there are plenty of buy here, pay here, lots that won’t check your credit or ask for your job history, is there one that will stick with you all the way through?

The Journey to a Better Future

Our drive to supply affordable, quality vehicles without credit checks or a need to know job history, is fueled by seeing our customers able to succeed at life! This is often only possible with access to reliable transportation.

Having been raised in an abusive home, one of our customers found herself using drugs after a tragic life event. After ending up in jail and then drug court, she began picking up the pieces of her life and was able to get a job as a hotel clerk. She got her license back and bought a car from us here at iGo. She has since been promoted at her job and is well on her way to building herself a better future. She’s a prime example of the impact we are seeking to make in our communities, and we are humbled to be a part of her success.

How We Got Here

In 2012, after experiencing his employees repeatedly struggle through car failure after car failure making it nearly impossible for them to get to work reliably, our founder set out to prove a point. Supplying reliable, affordable cars to those who need them is not just possible, it’s a reasonable expectation. Our communities should not need to settle for less.

Making It Happen

Drawing others alongside who had different areas of expertise, our founder formed Integrity Auto Sales and stunned the market selling over 40 cars in the first month. Within a few short years, our company expanded to four locations all offering the same kind of reliable cars available to everyone with no credit checks. In anticipation of future growth, we re-branded with a new and unique name—iGo Motors. Still wanting to stress the importance of integrity, our company motto became “integrity goes a long way”.

Taking it a Step Further

After those first few years of selling cars it became obvious to our leadership team that supplying quality, affordable vehicles was only the first step to a sound car. We understand that with cars, it’s not a matter of IF they’ll break down, it’s a matter of WHEN they’ll break down. To combat this reality and ensure that our cars are truly reliable, we launched our VIP program in 2017. We continue to add improvements. We are proud to say you won’t find another buy here, pay here lot offering a service like it.

Our Mission

We are here to make trustworthy, affordable transportation available in every community we serve.

When people in our communities don’t have access to quality transportation, our communities suffer. When parents can’t get back and forth to work, the grocery store, school, important meetings, the doctor, or evening and weekend activities, families suffer. When employees aren’t able to show up to work on time due to vehicle issues, businesses suffer. Transportation is an important part of our lives that we rarely think about until it’s not there.

At iGo, our dedicated team works hard to continuously improve our entire process, innovating and discovering better methods, so that we can provide you with a higher quality vehicle at a better value. We want to ensure that bad credit, job status, and past financial struggles won’t stop you from owning a dependable car.

While solving transportation problems is our number one priority, it doesn’t stop there. We are constantly striving to improve every aspect of our business to ensure that the vehicle you purchase from us continues to serve you well for the life of your contract and beyond.

People need to go places. We ensure they get there.