What is the VIP Benefits Package?

When we opened our first Buy Here Pay Here dealership we wanted to do things differently. We had seen a number of Buy Here Pay Here customers from other dealerships end up with major mechanical issues from the cars that they had bought. We set out to do better for our community.

We quickly learned that offering our customers quality vehicles was much more than selling them a sound car. Because with cars it’s not a matter of IF they break down it’s WHEN. We want you to be taken care of all the way through the buying process and to the end of your contract.

What You get with VIP

  • 24 month/36,000 mile service contract
  • Debt cancellation coverage
  • Rebates and coupons
  • Free oil changes
  • $200 deductible rebate
  • Allows you to carry only liability insurance
  • $500 towards your next vehicle

How It Works

The VIP package is designed to save you money by giving you the option of a service contract that either lasts the life of your contract with us or 36,000 miles, whichever you come to first. With this service contract, any covered mechanical issues that you run into will be paid for by our service department.

Debt cancellation coverage means that if you were to wreck your vehicle, you would just need to bring the car to the lot, pay $500, and your debt is wiped clean no matter how much you owe which is also why you can carry liability insurance rather than full coverage.

The VIP package offers you oil change rebates so regular maintenance never has to be a strain on your budget.

If your engine goes out you only have to pay a deductible of $200 and we take care of the rest to get your car back on the road. What costs the average vehicle owner $2,500 to get fixed, you can get taken care of for just $200.

$500 towards your next car means that when you make your payments on time for a year, with our VIP package we offer you $500 towards your next car. This goes towards trading in for a new car OR a second vehicle purchase.

VIP Platinum Member Benefits

  • $200 dollar referral bonuses (Every time you tell a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor, or gosh, even a stranger about us if they come in and buy, YOU get $200 credited to your account. Could you pay for your car just by opening your mouth… If you open it enough, yea!)
  • Free roadside assistance (Yep! If something goes wrong, we’ll be there!)
  • $1000 dollar monthly CASH drawing (Nope! It’s not a scam. We are giving you a chance to win a thousand bucks and not just once, but EVERY MONTH)
  • No deductible on service contract (With our standard contract you would need to pay a $200 deductible if your engine goes out, but not when you are a platinum member!)
  • Unlimited miles on service contract ( With our standard package it caps out at 36,000 miles, but the platinum is unlimited)
  • No deductible on debt cancellation ( with the standard package you would need to pay $500 if you were to wreck your vehicle and your debt would be wiped clean. With the Platinum, you are good to go. No deductible necessary.)
  • Priority service and VIP car availability ( You get treated like the very important person you are)
  • Skip payment options (Get in a pinch one month? Don’t worry, just skip a payment.)

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, but don't want to be surprised with expensive mechanical repairs, the VIP package has you covered. Call one of our sales professionals today to learn more!